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CIBoG 2nd Business Meeting Will Be Held on Jan 21st, 2021, from 1 :00 to 5:30 pm

CIBoG 2nd Business Meeting will be held.

Date and Time: Jan 21st, 2021, from 1 :00 to 5:30 pm


  1. CiBoG Recurrent Education: collaboration system
    Prof. Hiroshi Kiyama
  2. Curriculum for Recurrent Education
    Prof. Kinai Ono
  3. Collaboration between CIBoG and Private Business
    Prof. Masahisa Katsuno
  4. Discussion
    Prof. Masahisa Katsuno

Participants should send email to Office of CIBoG, and will receive Zoom information.

Contact: Office of CIBoG 052-744-1946