Convolution of Informatics and Biomedical Sciences On Glocal Alliances, CIBoG | WISE Program (Doctoral Program for World-leading Innovative & Smart Education), Nagoya University

  • From individualized treatment
    to individualized preventive medicine

  • From individualized treatment
    to individualized preventive medicine

Developing distinguished leaders who can create and lead new fields of study in medical and health sciences

In the future, healthcare will shift from individualized treatment to individualized preventive medicine.

  • New approaches to biomedical sciences based on data science (normal state, pre-disease state, disease state)
  • Digital medicine (development of biomarkers and devices, AI-based drug discovery)
  • Realization of smart hospitals (AI-based diagnosis, IoT, intervention from the pre-disease stage)

Fostering the development of researchers who

  • Have mastered informatics and biomedical sciences
  • Can lead the creation of individualized preventive medicine globally
  • Will realize social implementation of individualized preventive medicine, as researchers in academia or the industry, or as government officials or entrepreneurs

Features of the curriculum

  • Development of international sensibilities through the Joint Degree Program (JDP), Global Alliance of Medical Excellence (GAME), and Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation programs
  • Cultivation of the ability to panoramically understand the multiple levels of biomedical sciences (molecules, cells, tissues, individual organisms, and groups of organisms)
  • Development of AI-based technologies to realize individualized preventive medicine

Research and education

  • Forming the basis of informatics and biomedical sciences
  • Unique global alliances
  • Local alliances that takes advantage of the resources in the Tokai area