Convolution of Informatics and Biomedical Sciences On Glocal Alliances, CIBoG | WISE Program (Doctoral Program for World-leading Innovative & Smart Education), Nagoya University


Graduate Schools / Majors

Nagoya University

  • Graduate School of Medicine (Departments of Integrated Medicine; International Collaborative Programs in Comprehensive Medical Science between Nagoya University and the University of Adelaide, between Nagoya University and Lund University, and between Nagoya University and the University of Freiburg; Departments of Integrated Health Sciences; Departments of Medical Sciences)
  • Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences (Department of Applied Biosciences)
  • Graduate School of Informatics (Department of Computing and Software Systems, Department of Intelligent Systems)
  • Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Department of Basic Medicinal Sciences)

Gifu University

  • Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology (Department of Life Science and Chemistry)

Admissions schedule of AY2024

*Application Guideline

*The Number of Students to be admitted to the Program
About 20 students (Master's students and Doctoral students)

* Registration Period
To April 12 (Fri) at 12:00
Please fill out the registration form.

*Application Period
Upload application documents: from April 1 (Mon) to April 15 (Mon) at 12:00

*Application Package

1)Curriculum vitae: Use a designated CV format.
2)Short essay: A4 size, approx. two pages
page 1: Your present research on your department and your future research
  page 2: Your expectation on the CIBoG program and your hope for the future
Students submit their CV and essay in person via TACT.

3)Recommendation letter: The academic advisor will describe and upload via Microsoft Forms.

6. Primary Selection Method
・Primary selection is an screening of application documents in each graduate school.
・Results of selection will be announced via email by CIBoG office on April 18(Thu).

*Secondary selection Method
・Secondary selection is an online group interview in Japanese and English.
・Secondary selection will be scheduled at 13:00 on April 25 (Thu).
* Please introduce yourself including the essay that you submitted with your application form, "Your research in the undergraduate school and future research", "What do you expect CIBoG program?" and "Your hope and future direction" by using one Power Point Slide (16x9).
* Please submit a self-introducing slide before noon on April 22 (Mon). Details will be given after acceptance of primary selection.
・Results of secondary selection will be announced via email by the CIBoG Office on April 26 (Fri).

The CIBoG WISE Program Office
Graduate School of Medicine, Nagoya University
65 Tsurumai-cho, Showa-ku, Nagoya, 466-8550, Japan
Phone: +81-52-744-1946 / email: