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Activity Report

The 3rd CIBoG Retreat was held online on February 19, 2022

The 3rd CIBoG Retreat (The 14th NAGOYA Global Retreat) was held online on Saturday, February 19, 2022. Although this retreat was suddenly changed to completely online via Zoom due to the rapid increase in the number of people infected with Covid-19 caused by the Omicron strain, it was a great success with 170 participants.

Dr. Kazuyo Moro (Osaka University) was invited as a special lecturer and gave a wonderful lecture. In the questionnaire after the retreat, some of the participants answered as follows that, "Dr. Moro's presentation was interesting, easy to understand and engaging even for students outside of our field", "I was encouraged not only by the content of her research but also by her attitude toward research and her experiences, which motivated me to do research", and "I would like to hear more lectures by cutting-edge researchers like these in the future".

The lectures by Dr. Moro and many other presenters were very informative and stimulating for students, researchers, and faculty in the Tokai area.

The 3rd CIBoG Retreat(The 14th NAGOYA Global Retreat)
 ■Date & Time:Saturday, February 19, 2022 / 9:00-18:00
 ■Venue:Online via Zoom

 ■Special Lecture:
  Dr. Kazuyo Moro
  Professor and Team Leader

  Innate Immune Systems, Department of Immunology and Microbiology, Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine
  Innate Immune Systems, Osaka University Immunology Frontier Research Center
  Innate Immune Systems, RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences (IMS)

 ■Number of participants:
  170 participants
  ・University: 84 students and 68 faculty members
  ・Research institutions: 6 students and 11 faculty members
  ・Special lecture: 1 professor

  ・Special Lecture: 1 professor
  ・General Lectures: 1 student and 2 faculty members
  ・Oral Presentations: 64 students and faculty members
  ・The Medical Research Award-Wining Lecture: 4 students and faculty members

  The 3rd CIBoG Retreat Program and Abstracts.pdf    

 ■Best Presentation Award
  Hiroto Ito HP.jpg 
  1st place: Mr. Hiroto Ito
  D4, Neuroscience II, Nagoya University Research Institute of Environmental Medicine (RIEM) 

  Takumi Kagawa HP.jpg
  1st place: Mr. Takumi Kagawa
  D1/CIBoG student, Occupational and Environmental Health, Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine

 ■Presentation Award
  Takahiro Nakagawa HP.jpg
  3rd place: Mr. Takahiro Nakagawa
  M2/CIBoG student, Animal Cell Function, Nagoya University Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences, iGCORE

   Kazuhiro Kumagai HP.jpg
  4th place: Mr. Kazuhiro Kumagai
  D1/CIBoG student, Immunology, Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine

  Kei Hashimoto HP.jpg 
  4th place: Mr. Kei Hashimoto
  D2, Neuroscience and Pathobiology, Nagoya University Research Institute of Environmental Medicine (RIEM)

  Tomoki Hirunagi HP.jpg
  4th place: Mr. Tomoki Hirunagi
  Clinical fellow, Neurology, Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine

  Yuji Suzuki HP.jpeg
  4th place: Mr. Yuji Suzuki
  D2/CIBoG student, Molecular Biology, Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine

 ■Medical Research Award
  Toshihiko Kawach HP.jpg
  Mr. Toshihiko Kawachi
  B6, Neurogenetics, Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine           

  Yoshinori Yasuda HP.jpg
Mr. Yoshinori Yasuda
  Assistant Professor, Endocrinology and Diabetes, Nagoya University Hospital

  Aoi Ebata HP.jpeg
Ms. Aoi Ebata
Clinical fellow/D1, Dermatology, Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine

  Hao Zheng HP.jpeg
Ms. Hao Zheng
  D4, Pathology and Biological Responses, Nagoya university Graduate School of Medicine                

  *The above status is as of February 19, 2022.

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